Esmeralda's gig list

Esmeralda's Gig List

This list is incomplete. If you have any further information please share.


31st May             Steamhammer      £50     Warm Dust    £50

7th June              Marsupliami    £25   Gracious £25    Mirrors  £25

14th June            May Blitz   £50   Cressida £40

21st June            If   £40    Trees  £40

28th June           Satisfaction   £60   Man £40

11th October      Argent   £?   Rocking Chair  £?

1st November     Writing On The Wall  £50   Tir Na Nog  £13

6th December     Curved Air, Pacific Drift

20th December   High Tide, Clark Huchinson, Man, Bram Stoker


10th January     Blonde On Blonde, Trader Horne

7th March         Freedom, Mother Tuckers Rubber Duck

4th April           Lancaster, Egg

2nd May           Wild Turkey, Home, Hot Cottage

6th June           Cochise       Gothic Horizon (replaced Tiny Clanger)

4th July            Chicken Shack   Good Habit (replaced Hot Cottage)

27th June          Free Concert   Edgar Broughton Band, Vinegar Joe, Wild Turkey, Hot Cottage, Little Women, Tea and Sympathy, Home, Cigarette and Burning Boots, Lol Coxhill, Skinny Cat, Stone House, Renia.

3rd October       Audience, Crusade, Curtiss Muldoon.

17th October     Wild Turkey, Morgam, Renia

7th November    Good Habit, Skinny Cat, Spring Offensive

21st November  Stackridge, Home

5th December    Dando Shaft, Ginger, Hot Cottage

19th December  Man, Hackensack

26th December  Morgan, Tea and Sympathy, Clear Blue Sky, Hot Cottage, Kloten


15th January    Stray, Pahana

30th January    Stud, Barabas

13th February   Stackridge, B.B. Blunder, Unicorn

15th February   Jimmy McCulloch Band

27th February   Flash, Gnidrolog, Kloten

12th March      Pretty Things, Sunshaine

26th March      Man, Writing On The Wall

2nd April          Hackensack, Gnidrolog, Fragment, Steve Peregrine Took

9th April          Morgan, Spreadeagle

23rd April         Status Quo, Snake Eye

7th May          Gypsy, Danta

21st May        Genesis, Capability Brown

4th June         Gnidrolog, Melaka, Tram

1st October     Stackridge, Rap

15th October   Mick Abrahams Band, Trees

5th November  Man, Quicksand

6th November  Gnidrolog, Nancy ??


7th January         Arthur Brown, Gnidrolog

14th January       The Sharks, Nancy

4th February       Nazareth, Saturnalia

14th February     Blackfoot Sue

18th February     Capability Brown, Darien's Spirit

4th March          Kala, Fat Grapple

11th March        Turkey Buzzard, Milkwood (Charity Concert)

18th March        Super Sister, Camel

8th April            The Flying Saucers

6th May             Raw Material

13th May           Duck De Luxe

3rd June            Fruup

10th June          The Flying Saucers

16th September  Jack The Lad, Milton

23rd September  Fruup, Public Foot the Roman

7th October       Wild Turkey, Ange

21st October     Quicksand, Writing on the Wall

4th November    Naktar, Moonhead

18th November  Deke Leonards Iceberg, Roger Ruskin Spear

9th December   Back Door, Avalon

17th December Ellis, Highway

26th December Help Yourself, Quicksand, Milton, Nancy



6th January         Gong, Global Village Trucking Company

20th January       Trapeze, A Million People

3rd February        Gonzales

17th February      Jan Dukes De Gray, Eclection

3rd March           Flying Saucers

24th March         Ange, Oxo Witney

1st May             Troggs

9th June            Liverpool Scene?

15th September Giggles

29th September Good Habit

6th October      Shakin' Stevens and the Sunsets